IV Coffee Lab

We profiled this local business for our final project in Multimedia Journalism.




Rock Climbing with ODAL 101

One of the more popular majors at Sierra Nevada College, Outdoor Adventure Leadership, takes full advantage of the school’s mountain location by immersing students in the outdoors as much as possible. Take a peek at the fall 2011 Outdoor Skills Class (ODAL 101) as they get an introduction to rock climbing at Dinosaur Rock.


Assignment 1: Procrasinating and Overdue Assignments

Starting a blog is something I have been meaning to do but similar to washing my car, organizing my closet and putting my skis away from last season it continues to be something that remained on the to-do list – at least until it became a homework assignment. Now with the pressure of school weighing down, I rolled up my sleeves and jumped right into the first step: procrastinating.

As the blog sat in some kind of purgatory between the to-do list and a due date I managed to accomplish getting a haircut, donating some of my clothes to goodwill, checking Facebook 307 times, attending two ski movie premieres and teaching my dog to catch a Frisbee. In the meantime I told myself I was just brainstorming what all encompassing theme could drive my blog into insane popularity. It turns out, I have neither original ideas nor any clue what people find interesting in a blog or what counts as popular.

As a week or so of thinking about making a blog crept along, I was bombarded with another homework assignment. Oh geez, I haven’t even finished the first one yet. This one, it seemed could possibly provide some of the inspiration I was looking for. By following established blogs on topics I was interested in, I could combine elements I liked into my own creation!

Naturally, I procrastinated on this assignment as well. While it’s obviously way over-due, here are a handful of blogs that I’ve been watching:


Since food is a topic I enjoy learning and writing about, food blogs were an obvious choice to me. This one, Orangette caught my eye because of the bloggers use of personal narrative along with original recipes and intriguing photography. I feel having a story to accompany a recipe gives your audience a little incentive to return rather than using Google for meal inspiration. I think it might be incorporating stories that help teach history, background, or culture might help the blog read less like a personal diary.


This blog has a clean layout, and the writer has some clever stories (and some boring reviews, sorry.) but I couldn’t get past the large chunks of text and lack of photos. While journalism classes have only encouraged my disdain for lengthy blocks of text, I think we can all agree that patience for reading on the web is very short. The paragraphs should be too… and more pictures.


The author of this blog managed to turn her travel blog into her full time job. At least it’s full time enough to sustain her current lifestyle. While the content is interesting it’s also worth checking out to see what elements seem to work for her. She uses video and pictures to show her travels.

After searching through many other blogs, I’m finding out what I think I already knew. It’s time to start a blog and see what works for me and what doesn’t. The theme will develop eventually. If I keep putting it off, it will never happen.